What is Green Energy Independence.Org (GEIO)

The Green Energy Independence Organization (GEIO) was founded with a dual purpose: 
  1. Raise awareness of the critical need to remove our nations’ dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels with their damaging effects on our environment, climate and economy;
  2. Provide an investment platform through the Green Energy Independence Fund (GEIF) supporting renewable green energy companies with start-up venture capital. 
In today’s financial environment it is extremely difficult to obtain start-up capital necessary to fund a green energy initiative. Conventional capital sources (banks) are non existent; government funding through various agencies and programs (USDA, DOE, TARP) have such high threshold requirements they become available only to existing major corporations; and venture capital funds that may be available usually demand such a high degree of return that it requires a general abdication of ownership. In a nutshell, if a green energy company expects to obtain start up funding it will have to provide it from its own resources. It is our goal at Green Energy Independence.Org to raise money through events and donations and with that money provide promising green energy companies with start up capital. 

Dependence or Independence


Clean, Renewable, Sustainable, GREEN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE. ORG!