The Green Energy Independence Organization is a platform for event planners/marketers (Organizers) to plan their own green energy events. The Organizer will be able to utilize GEIO’s platform to host and pay for the up front cost of the event. Hosting entails the following:
  • Provide Website for event
  • Social Media Event Campaign
  • Marketing materials; flyers, shirts, tickets, banners, takeaways, etc.
  • Paying for upfront event cost.
  • Supports online event registration and payment
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The Organizer will submit an application for specific events of their choice. The GEIO will evaluate and choose the best events and fund/host the selected event. The GEIF will use proceeds to provide venture capital to approved renewable green energy projects.

It is the goal of the GEIO to develop long term mutually beneficial relationships with event organizers. Please contact us for event organizer compensation schedules. 

Clean, Renewable, Sustainable, GREEN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE. ORG!