Why Green Energy Independence?

The time is now for us to choose between Independence or Dependence. By doing nothing we subject ourselves to the mercy of Big Oil and OPEC with the resulting environmental decay that is their by-product. We need to take action now. We need to create viable solutions that are economically feasible, that can both sustain the environment and still provide the energy we need in our daily living. The technology and solutions to clean energy are available and continue to evolve. The time is now to take control of our own destiny by producing the energy we need without destroying the environment. Clean water, clean air, and toxin free soil are our RIGHT! Each American citizen, and indeed, every citizen of the world, needs to recognize the many environmental, economic and social benefits of Green Energy Independence. Listed below are just a few.

Prevent Future BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Disasters


-Keep our Oceans Clean

-Eliminate the need for Offshore Drilling
-No more Oil Spills


Reduce Green House Gas Emmissions


-Reduce our Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions 
-Promoter Cleaner Air
-Elimate the Harmful Health Effects of Fossil Fuels


Renewable Power = Lower Energy Costs


-Stabilize and reduce the escalation of dirty energy with Green Renewable Energy.
-Implement Green Power in your Life.
-Renewable Power at Home Means "0" Dependence on Foreign Oil.


New Green Jobs


-Millions of green jobs are possible, Let's Create Them!
-New Technologies are being developed.
-American Jobs for American Energy Independence.


Fighting For Oil


-Cost of the War in Iraq to date is 4,747 Coalition Lives and over $3 Trillion     Dollars! 
-Energy Independence can keep us from repeating history.
-National Security and Energy Independence go hand and hand.

Depleting Oil Reserves


-We have to find alternatives sooner or later, why not now?
-New Technologies are ready to be commercialized.
-Alternatives, Innovation, Employment, Revitalization are all by-products of green energy!


Clean, Renewable, Sustainable, GREEN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE. ORG!